An Update on Typhoon

Typhoon as a fluffy baby.

Dear AHBC family: We need to give you an update on our beloved mascot Typhoon. As most of our pet parents know, Typhoon is nearly 20 years old. He has advanced kidney disease, inflamed bowel syndrome, and congestive heart failure.

Typhoon is now in hospice care in our Isolation Ward. Dr. Goetz and the team are doing everything we can for him medically, and to keep him comfortable. We will make sure he lives out his time with us in the best possible way.

Thankfully, right now he is still having more good days than bad. We are thrilled to report Typhoon has felt good enough to come up front and visit! Learn more about his progress.

Typhoon is one of the greatest cats we have ever known. He has been a staple of our hospital almost since we opened. He is an essential member of our team! Everyone who walks through our door knows Ty Ty: the way he prances around the lobby, sits on our keyboards, and gives the best head-butts. We love Typhoon so very much. And we know how much y’all love him and will miss seeing him up front with us and Percy.

We will keep you posted in the days and weeks to come. Visit our Facebook page for more information, and to read the amazing tributes that are pouring in from our AHBC family. Thank you for loving Typhoon as much as we do.

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