You’re a busy pet parent. You want the best for your cat but don’t quite have time for a cat whispering house call. Or you want more information before you bring your anxious dog to the vet. We can still help. Dr. Goetz now offers behavior consultations by phone for both cats and dogs, both current and new patients.

Cats and dogs can have many problems. Inappropriate elimination, destructive behavior, aggression, fear, and anxiety are all common behavior issues. Insight, coupled with expertise and experience on how best to solve the problem, is key. Simple changes can immeasurably strengthen our bond with our feline or canine companions.

How Does a Phone Consultation Work?

The fee for Dr. Goetz’s phone consultation is $35. Call us at (919) 544-2226 or email to get started. We will take payment over the phone and schedule a call for you with Dr. Goetz on a Monday or Friday evening, after AHBC business hours. You must be available to talk between 5:30 and 6:30 p.m. on the scheduled day.

If Dr. Goetz calls and you are not available, she may be able to call back in a few minutes. But she may not, and the fee still applies. If you are not available at the schedule time, you may reschedule for another day for a separate $35 fee. Your phone consultation will last approximately 30 minutes.

This special consultation includes one initial email, if necessary to obtain more details, and one follow-up email from Dr Goetz. Medical history from the previous veterinarian is not required for new patients. However, medical history from the last two years—emailed to us ahead of time for Dr. Goetz’s review—can be immensely helpful to rule out any underlying medical causes. Lab work and exam findings considered within the range of normal may not be completely normal for pets with certain behavior problems.

If Dr. Goetz determines your pet needs medications or supplements, a full physical examination and lab work must be scheduled as an AHBC visit for the usual fee.