Bumble is April’s Pet of the Month!

Bumble always brings the fluff.

There is nobody like Bumble. He is an incredibly sweet, laid-back Persian with the face and heart of an angel!

We first met Bumble and his amazing pet parents in 2012, when he was just a ball of fluffy kitten and had been adopted for only two days. He weighed three pounds and had ringworm, a fairly common fungal skin infection his pet parents treated at home with special shampoo. We performed his neuter and have happily watched him grow into an impressively handsome boy.

Today Bumble is one of our special most regulars. These many years we have performed all of Bumble’s wellness exams and core vaccinations, crucial blood work and fecal screens, and his grooms!

Our groomer, Kara, loves to see Bumble on her schedule. Many cats can be…a bit difficult for a bath and haircut, which we understand and never mind! Bumble is always game. As a glorious longhair, he can be prone to matts, which we always carefully shave and brush out.

Bumble was recently here for a spa day, so every team member made sure to shower him with love. There is nothing like getting a big cuddle and head-butt from Bumble. We love you sweet boy! Thanks for being part of our family.

If you’d like to join Bumble and his people in the AHBC family, request an appointment online or call us at (919) 544-2226.

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