Bunsen Is January’s Pet of the Month!

Besties! Serge and Bunsen kick back.

Bunsen is one of a kind! He’s the king of the castle. Ruler of the roost. And best friend to trusty sidekick, Serge.

Bunsen’s pet parents saw his adoption posting on Little Paws Dachshund Rescue and immediately fell in love. How could you not, with all that sweet and sassy Dachshund personality! Mom and Dad submitted an application for Bunsen right away. When they were approved, they drove 10 hours round trip to pick him up and bring him back to his forever home.

Right after his adoption Bunsen tested positive for heartworms, which we treated at AHBC. It was hard on his family for him to have to be confined to strict rest while recovering, but all the care and effort and love were worth it. Because Bunsen is completely worth it.

Bunsen loves his dog bro, Serge. But make no mistake, Mom says, Bunsen is the boss! The playful pair enjoy swiping squeaky toys from each other and playing tug-of-war until Mom or Dad tells them to settle down.

Bunsen’s Many Loves: Sunbeams, Burritos, Facebook

Bunsen’s mom says Bunsen’s favorite thing in the whole wide world (after food) is a sunbeam. “Every afternoon he goes up to his window seat and rattles the blind for me to open it,” she says. “Then he basks for as long as he can take the heat!”

Ahhh, Bunsen.

When sunbeams are unavailable, Bunsen loves to burrito. Dad puts a blanket by his side on the sofa; Bunsen jumps up, lies down in the blankie, and gets wrapped up tight. Ta da! Bunsen burrito!

And when Mom’s working from home at her desk, Bunsen is right at home beside her in one of his many beds. Working hard on his hilarious Facebook page: Bunsen, a Hot Dog.

Bunsen is 8 years old now: feisty, sweet, and amazing as ever. We’ve been honored to be his vet since 2014. We love you little fella! We love being part of your amazing life.

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