Goal: Happy kitty!

You love your cat, and your cat loves you…but your cat is driving you crazy.

Cats can have all kinds of problems. In vet speak, it’s called “inappropriate elimination.” To you, it means peeing or pooping outside the litter box. “Destructive behavior” means clawing up all your furniture. “Aggression” means scratching and biting people, including and mostly you. Maybe your cat hides all the time, or cries all night. These are all common behavior issues.

What does that mean for you, a devoted but frustrated cat parent? There’s hope! We can help.

Your Cat Is Not a Bad Cat

Actually, your cat is trying to tell you something. Dr. Goetz speaks cat. She can get inside your cat’s mind and decipher what your cat is trying to say. Insight is everything. Dr. Goetz has the knowledge, experience, and expertise to determine the root cause of behavior issues—and how to fix them.

Cats are complex, amazing creatures. When they act out, anxiety is almost always the cause. Cats never get angry or mean; they get fearful and stressed. Sometimes we can’t properly assess behavior issues at the vet because cats are too anxious, and the environment is too unfamiliar. Time to call in a cat whisperer!

What Is a Cat Whisperer?

A cat whisperer is an expert in feline behavior who often treats cats at home. Cats with behavior problems often do best when treated at home. Coming to your house offers a deep look into your cat’s environment and the human-cat bond. A cat whisperer will help you and your family resolve your cat’s behavior issue using proven techniques customized to meet your fur baby’s unique needs.

Dr. Goetz Is a Cat Whisperer!

Dr. Goetz is AHBC’s very own renowned cat whisperer. Her first feline love was Tick Tock, a kitten she adopted when she was 10 years old. Tick Tock followed Dr. Goetz through high school, college, vet school, and her internship—he lived more than 20 years. She has since shared her home with many diverse and unusual feline fur babies.

Cat whispering is an art form. Dr. Goetz became an expert in feline behavior at N.C. State’s College of Veterinary Medicine, where she graduated in 1997. She has treated numerous behavior problems and is a strong advocate for environmental enrichment. Learn why environmental enrichment is key.

How Does Cat Whispering Work?

Dr. Goetz offers house-call cat whispering for both current and new pet parents in Wake and Chatham countries. At-home cat whispering starts with a phone call to discuss your feline behavior problem in-depth and to set up a time for Dr. Goetz to visit.

A house call lasts one to two hours, in which Dr. Goetz will get detailed information about your problem cat, your other pets, and your family. She’ll tour your home and spend time thoroughly getting to know you and your animals. Finally, she’ll create and discuss a precise action plan to treat the behavior issue.

Follow-up services include detailed notes from Dr. Goetz about your at-home visit, plus any recommendations for diet and/or medications. Dr. Goetz can also arrange a follow-up visit to track your and your cat’s progress.

It takes commitment, time, and patience for behavior therapy to succeed. With your help and feedback, Dr. Goetz can fix your feline behavior problem. She has teamed up with many pet parents to help them live in harmony with their kitties.

Happy Cat, Happy Home

Call us at (919) 544-2226 to get started. If you’re too busy for an at-home consultation, Dr. Goetz can still help you. Learn more about our newest service: behavior consultations by phone. For both cats and dogs, and both current and new patients!