Your First Visit at AHBC

We are committed to the best care and service. AHBC pet parents demand, and deserve, the very best.

When you arrive, you and your pet will be greeted warmly by an AHBC team member who knows who you are. We are happy to introduce you to our close-knit team of client relations specialists, assistants, and vet nurses.

At your first visit…

A friendly team member will verify your contact information and ask you to fill out an in-house New Client Form. Our preliminary online New Client Form helps us schedule your first appointment. Our in-house New Client Form lets us start to get to know you and your pet. Be sure to show us the New Client Coupon, which gives you $25 off your first new pet visit.

We will take a photo of your fur baby for our patient file.

We will give you a notebook full of helpful information and resources. The AHBC notebook is special. Our pet parents love them!

A team member will escort you and your pet into one of our exam rooms designated for cats and dogs. We customize the entire AHBC experience to your pet, in keeping with our commitment to fear-free veterinary medicine.

We customize visits for new puppies and new kittens. Read all about new pet visits.

A kind, experienced vet nurse will take a thorough medical history and ask questions about your pet’s diet, habits, and lifestyle. We will discuss wellness care, vaccinations, crucial tests and lab work, nutrition, behavior, and more. Feel free to ask us as many questions as you want!

Dr. Goetz or Dr. George will perform a full physical examination. Preventative medicine is the best kind. Wellness visits are all about prevention—the physical exam is the most important part of any visit. We call this our “nose-to-tail time.”

We will discuss any and all of your concerns—medical, nutritional, behavioral—and our medical findings in depth.

Your vet nurse will put together a comprehensive treatment plan that addresses your pet’s unique needs, and go over it with you in detail. We only offer what is best for your pet. We practice the best medicine.

We may recommend lab work. We can perform a number of comprehensive diagnostic tests right in our pharmacy. We are also able to send tests out to various national laboratories. We are happy to draw blood in the exam room with you if you prefer and it suits your pet. New puppies and kittens especially need critical lab tests.

We will accomplish any and all services you approve. We can give vaccinations, perform nail trims, clean ears, and accomplish many other procedures either in the room with you or in our spacious Treatment area. Everything we do is customized to you and your pet. Please explore everything we do at AHBC.

 Your vet nurse will create and go over personalized discharges that include everything we accomplished at your visit and any instructions for home care. If we do perform in-house tests, we will thoroughly discuss these findings and any treatment recommendations.

We will send your pet home with as many treats and toys as you like!

Want to know more? We’ve got answers. Check out our FAQs page.

At your first visit—and every visit hence—please take as much time as you need to talk to us.

Please note: Normal days at AHBC are very busy. We almost always see appointments on time. Sometimes emergencies, urgent, or involved cases create unexpected delays. We work hard to minimize wait times. If there is a wait, we will keep you informed and check in. We offer coffee, tea, water, sodas, and snacks in our lobby. Thank you!

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