We believe in pampering the whole pet! Every grooming visit can be customized and includes a nail trim, an ear cleaning, an an external anal gland expression. We offer all our pet parents $10 off their first pet groom.

Our regulars love their spa days at AHBC. We do our best to make sure your pet has an amazing grooming experience. Call us at (919) 544-2226 to discuss grooming and make an appointment.

No dog or cat can resist this face!

Meet Our Groomer

Our groomer, Kara, started working with animals as a bather and fluff dryer when she was just 15 years old. She has more than 11 years of grooming experience: from Yorkies to Pekes to Pomeranians to Poodles of all sizes.

Kara joined the AHBC team in February 2017. She loves the job because every day—and every pet—is different!

Pets who come to see Kara can feel how much she loves them—she even talks to them throughout the entire groom.

Kara even grooms cats. Long-haired felines—and canines—can benefit greatly from a thorough brush-out, face and/or sanitary (rear) trim, an overall trim, or even a full shave. Kara will work out any and all fur mats carefully and gently.

AHBC Grooming Policies

Grooming pets must be current AHBC patients, which means they have seen an AHBC vet in the past year for a wellness visit or check-up. They must also be up to date on all core vaccinations in order to ensure the safety of every patient in our hospital.

For new clients, we are happy to perform a wellness exam and administer core vaccinations during the first grooming visit, if the situation suits.

Unscented and hypoallergenic products are always available upon request.

AHBC Spa Day Options

Basic Spa Day: This option is ideal for short-haired dog breeds to maintain their coats or between haircuts. A basic spa day includes a warm bath with premium shampoo and conditioning treatment, fluff drying, full brush-out, and a bandana or bow to go home.

Pampered Spa Day: This is the full groom! Every pampered spa day includes the basic spa day package, plus a full haircut, scented spritz, and conditioning spray.

“Face, Feet, and Fanny”: This is a good option for dogs who need some basic fur trimming. It includes the basic spa day package, plus trimming around the eyes and beard, trimming the paws and paw pads, and a sanitary trim (around the rear).

Please call us at (919) 544-2226 for grooming availability and breed-specific prices. Larger dogs need more grooming time.

Extra Grooming Services

All grooms include an external anal gland expression. We can express your dog’s anal glands internally for an additional fee.

  • Medicated Shampoo Treatment: $8
  • Nail Grinding, with a dremmel: $8
  • Shedding Treatment: Small dog $10, medium dog $15, large dog $20
  • De-matting: Small dog $10, medium dog $15, large dog $20
  • Flea Shampoo Treatment: $8
  • Teeth Brushing: $5