Skip the trip. Stay home and snuggle!

Got a finicky, hard-to-catch cat? Or maybe a senior dog with mobility issues? We’re ever improving our care and service. Now we offer house calls!

One day a week, on Wednesday afternoons, Dr. Goetz will come to you and your pet in northeast Raleigh or southeast Durham for a flat fee of $85. If you live outside these areas, an additional fee will apply.

The house call fee is per visit, not per pet, and Dr. Goetz can see multiple pets per visit. We expect each house call to last about an hour, an hour and a half with two or three animals. And our second or multiple pet discount of $20 applies!

Keep Your Pet Comfy

A house call entails the same consultation, with a full physical exam, your pet has in our hospital. Consultation fees are…

  • Wellness visit: $49
  • Sick visit: $59

Regular fees will be added for vaccines, lab work, nail trims, and any other services performed at a house call. We can prescribe and fill basic medications for common issues, such as ear infections or diarrhea. And our online pharmacy is the new go-to place for medications, food, and preventative products. It’s convenient, fast, and guaranteed. We can process your order and payment from the online pharmacy in just a few minutes.

All we ask is your pet is easily accessible when we arrive! We need to be able to see your pet within 15 minutes of stepping through your door. Otherwise you will be charged the flat fee and the visit fee even if services are not performed.

We accept cash or check, or we can check you out with a credit or debit card over the phone. Call us at (919) 544-2226 for more information or to set up your house call!