Maggie Is November’s Pet of the Month!

Meet Maggie!

Maggie is the picture of health…and personality.

Maggie first came to see us in 2008. Now she’s 15 years old! Maggie is a gorgeous Calico with a strong and feisty personality. You know how much Dr. Goetz and the team love feisty cats!

Maggie’s kitty dad picked her out from a SPCA shelter in Virginia. He fell in love at first sight with that flame on her forehead. Her parents says she really is the best cat ever. Her nicknames are Maggie doodles, pretty girl, and Princess…since she gets away with everything!

Maggie’s signature cat move is to bring all her toys down the stairs after her pet parents have had supper, announcing her journey and imminent arrival by meowing the entire way. Then just after her pet parents get settled in for the night, Maggie brings all her toys back upstairs…meowing the entire way again. We get you Maggie!

One of the reasons Maggie is in good health at her age is her kitty parents take amazing care of her. Maggie is on consistent monthly heartworm, parasite, and flea protection. She eats a prescription renal care diet because senior cats often develop kidney disease. An optimal diet is one of the best things you can do for your pet!

Maggie also gets biannual senior blood work and urinalysis testing, which is essential to tracking the health of her internal organs as she gets older. Cats are trained to hide any symptoms of disease or pain. Routine lab work is how we figure out what’s really going on. And for more than a year now we’ve been administering fluids to Maggie every month at AHBC, which bolsters her kidney function and helps keep her healthier.

Maggie and her people are special AHBC regulars. Thank you for being part of our family!

Maggie Being Maggie

Maggie likes to keep watch on everything.

Maggie likes to take a break, but she’s still in charge.










Do you have a suggestion for Pet of the Month? We’d love to hear it! Do you want to join Maggie’s AHBC family? Request an appointment online or call us at (919) 544-2226.

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