Show us those pearly whites Frances!

Dental month is here! Our pet parents look forward to this all year. Dental month is when you get a great deal on your pet’s all-important dental procedure.

Happy Pets Need Healthy Teeth

Dental care is essential to good health. We assess periodontal disease, at your pet’s physical exam, in four stages, or “levels”…

  • Level 1: Basically healthy, some plaque and/or calculus present, mild gingivitis
  • Level 2: Moderate plaque and calculus, moderate gingivitis
  • Level 3: Progressed gingivitis (periodontitis), painful gums, bad breath
  • Level 4: Extreme periodontitis, severe inflammation, gum recession, bone loss

We want to treat dental disease, with diligent dental care both here and at home, long before it reaches level 3. At this stage, damage has already occurred. Your pet will certainly be in pain, suffer swollen and possibly bloody gums, experience bone loss, and be at higher risk of infection. At stage 4, irreversible damage has been done; disease teeth must be extracted.

The only way to know the full extent of dental disease is under anesthesia, during a procedure we call an OATP: Oral Assessment, Treatment, and Prevention. Read our in-depth article about the entire OATP process.

This coupon gives you $20 off an OATP for level 1 or 2 and $40 off an OATP for level 3 or 4. To schedule a visit to assess your pet’s oral health, call us at (919) 544-2226.