Typhoon was born in 1999 outside Dr. Goetz’s previous clinic, Bowman Animal Hospital. She took him home when he was only 6 weeks old and just a ball of fluff. As Typhoon grew up, he would hide in the house—even in the kitchen cabinets!—and only come out for meals. Dr. Goetz realized Typhoon was scared and shy at home, but, to her surprise, Typhoon loved it when he accompanied her to Animal Hospital at Brier Creek.

As AHBC’s permanent kitty resident—and famous leader—Typhoon could truly express his playful, loving self. “Mr. Personality” loves to greet pet parents and pets. He plays with rubber bands, guards our paperwork, and makes himself useful on our computer keyboards. We love taking care of our little feline celebrity. Every pet parent knows our amazing Typhoon!

Typhoon is now 20 years old. Even as an older gentleman, he is still full of exuberance and life. His arthritis has been much improved with pain medication compounded in tuna fish oil, which makes him playful and frisky again. He is living the good life at AHBC, and our entire team loves him dearly.


Rosie came to Animal Hospital at Brier Creek through Hart-2-Heart Rescue, a wonderful nonprofit organization based in Greensboro that has partnered with Dr. Goetz for many years to save unwanted, neglected, or abused little dogs. Rosie had been abandoned at an apartment complex.

When Dr. Goetz first met Rosie, the poor Pekinese could barely breathe. Her nasal openings were so small (called stenotic nares) she could not take in enough air. The tissue on the roof of her mouth was also so long it covered the opening to her windpipe (called an elongated soft palate).

Dr. Goetz spayed Rosie and performed surgery to correct her breathing problems as soon as possible. Rosie had a difficult two-week recovery before she was finally able to breathe with ease.

When Rosie first came to AHBC, she could not run or play. Today she is our professional greeter and lovable fur baby! She gets lavished with treats and attention at our weekly team meetings. Rosie loves to dress up in cute costumes, prance around with her squeaky toys, and chase her adopted Pekinese sister, Daisy.