AHBC has an extensive in-house pharmacy. That way, if we diagnose any immediate issues during your visit, we can fill your pet’s prescription on site and start treatment right away.

We also offer a convenient online pharmacy, which carries everything from medication to food to preventative products. Our online pharmacy is called Vets First Choice. You can access it through the top right button on any AHBC webpage!

AHBC’s online pharmacy is a larger, virtual version of what we carry in-house. That means everything you get from our online pharmacy is guaranteed for safety and quality.

Pet medications and products procured from other online sources cannot be guaranteed —there is no way to know if the medication or product even is what it claims it is. We guarantee our online pharmacy.

Our online pharmacy also offers free shipping on certain orders and automatic shipping for regularly purchased items such as food or heartworm preventative.

We are happy to explain exactly how to use our online pharmacy at your visit. Or call us at (919) 544-2226 for a quick tutorial!