At Animal Hospital at Brier Creek we offer high-tech digital radiology services in our designated radiology, or x-ray, room. Radiographs are a remarkable diagnostic tool. They allow us to know exactly what is going on with your pet, inside and out.

With our digital radiology machine, we take high-quality digital images that show up on both our x-ray machine and x-ray computer immediately, without any lag in development time.

We can take radiographs of the chest to check the heart and lungs and of the abdomen to check the stomach, liver, kidneys, and intestines. We can take radiographs to detect the presence of disease or a foreign body. We can take radiographs of the shoulders, elbows, hips, knees, and paws to detect any arthritis or damage.

Your vet will review your pet’s radiographs promptly to make an informed diagnosis. When second opinions or additional advice is required, we will email your pet’s radiographs directly to an appropriate specialist and are happy to make a referral.

We also email pet parents all radiographs taken that day for their records. If your pet every has an after-hours emergency, you always have access to his or her radiographs and can email them directly to the attending emergency veterinarian.

Digital Radiographs of Dr. Goetz’s Pekinese, Daisy, Taken at AHBC