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Client Relations’ Specialists:


Kara Keesling

Head Client Relations Specialist
Employee since 2/7/19

Savannah Rogers

Client Relations Specialist
Employee since 1/2/20
While Savannah was still in High School, her older sister had started her career in grooming dogs and working as a veterinary assistant. Her sister would come home and tell Savannah about cases that would come in every day. After hearing about how her older sister would help animals in need, Savannah gained interest and knowledge from her. Savannah soon began her career in veterinary by working at a doggie daycare/ kennel and working her way up in the amazing industry.

Savannah grew up in New Hill, about 15 minutes from Apex, North Carolina. While growing up her family took in many strays who were left abandoned on the side of the road to love and care for them. Out of the many strays her family took in, Savannah took most to “Scruffy” a white with brown spots mutt. Scruffy lived a great life growing with the family and lived to be about 13. Scruffy had such spunk and attitude that kept everyone smiling when they saw her. Rescuing dogs and cats to give them their forever homes will always hold a big spot in Savannah’s heart. Savannah had taken in a small fluffy black kitten who had graciously got the name “Fatboy”. Fatboy and Savannah sleep beside each other each night, forever making Savannah smile with his little quirks. She now lives at home with her family along with two cats, one dog and one chinchilla.

Savannah’s hobbies are being outdoors, spending time with friends and family, riding her four wheeler and enjoying life’s little moments. Savannah’s wakes up every morning with the reminder of her favorite biblical quote “I can do everything through Christ who strengthens me” Philippians 4:13.


Veterinary Assistants: Our Pet Care Specialists


Craig Downes

Employee since 10/23/19

Craig Downes joined the Animal Hospital at Brier Creek team as an assistant October, 2019. He is happy to join the AHBC team where he learns something new every day and gets to care for the cats and dogs that he loves.

Craig is originally from Southwestern Pennsylvania. He graduated from Coastal Carolina University in 2014 the a Bachelor’s Degree in Marine Science. Craig worked in the a Pennsylvania community college microbiology lab part-time while volunteering at a wildlife rehabilitation and rescue center and a no-kill animal shelter. Craig moved to the Fayetteville/Raeford area of North Carolina to work at a pet resort as an Animal Care Technician. During his three years working at the pet resort, Craig also volunteered at a city park nature center with the educational outreach programs, including reptile and amphibian exhibits and feeding shows.

Craig’s hobbies include exploring nature, volunteering, singing with a barbershop group, playing Nintendo video games, and cooking and gardening.

Dina Hussain

Employee since 7/22/19

Dina Hussain came to become part of the Animal Hospital at Brier Creek Family in July 2019. We thoroughly enjoy having Dina as part of our team as a Veterinary Assistant. She is also training as a Veterinary Nurse.

Dina was born and raised in Queens and Long Island, New York. She moved to Dallas, Texas for a while but felt that was not where her heart belongs. After moving to Raleigh, North Carolina, she began her actual studies and finally decided what profession was her passion.

As a child, Dina expressed an interest in all animals, especially big cats, even though she never had any exposure to animals of any kind. Dina used to read informative books to learn anything she could. Her passion for animals did not lead her anywhere until college where she discovered Veterinary Medicine. Because the Veterinary Medical Degree at North Carolina State was so competitive, she opted for a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration instead.

Dina worked for an entire month at a logistics company for John Deere, only to realize that the business field was not for her. She then followed her heart and passion for animals and began at Purdue University in the Veterinary Nursing Program. In the future, Dina would like to either pursue becoming a Veterinarian or obtain a Bachelor’s Degree in Veterinary Nursing with a focus on Oncology and Anesthesia.

In her free time, Dina enjoys reading books, as well as spending time with her family and her 2 year old Golden Retriever, Sophie. Dina also enjoys going to the mall and eating take out.


Madison Smith

Employee since 12/23/19

Madison Smith became a member of the Animal Hospital at Brier Creek Team December 2020 as a Veterinary Assistant. We are thrilled to have her as a part of our family.

Madison recently moved to Smithfield from New Bern to chase her dreams of becoming a Veterinary Nurse. Madison previously worked at a boarding facility for 2 1/2 years and was a sift leader for 1 1/2 years. Growing up, she was influenced by her mother, who worked as an Animal Control Officer for many years. She learned to love and appreciate all living things. She excelled in Science classes, making the career of Veterinary Nurse a perfect fit. Her goal at Animal Hospital at Brier Creek is to one day train up to be a Veterinary Nurse. Her dream job is to be a caretaker in a zoo.

Veterinary Nurses: Committed to the Best Care


Gabrielle Green

Head Veterinary Nurse
Employee since 9/25/18

Corona and Gabby are queen bees.

When Gabby was 5 years old, her mom bought her a toy veterinary kit. One day she saw a limping duck, so she used the tiny model syringe to squirt dissolved baby aspirin on a piece of bread to offer the injured bird. That was the day she started telling everyone she was going to be a veterinarian.

Gabby grew up in the Hudson Valley, about two hours north of New York City, with an American Eskimo named Sierra. She lived to be 14 years old, and Gabby still finds her fur in her clothes. Sierra was smart and sassy—proof dogs really do match their people.

Gabby’s spirit animal is the independent, adaptable octopus. After earning her pre-vet degree with a minor in biochemistry from the University of Massachusetts Amherst in May 2018, and armed with years of undergrad experience in both farm and small animal medicine, Gabby struck out for North Carolina to pursue her singular dream. Her plan is to establish residency and apply to the esteemed NCSU School of Veterinary Medicine, alma mater of our founder and owner, Dr. Goetz.

“Working at AHBC is incredibly rewarding,” Gabby says. Her favorite part is the passionate team that pushes her to greater heights. And she loves sending rescue animals to forever homes. Within weeks of joining AHBC in October 2018, Gabby adopted an AHBC rescue kitten, Bud, to play second fiddle to her alpha-girl cat, Corona.

Gabby’s hobbies include hiking, drawing, playing piano, belly dancing, and cuddling her cats. Her life’s motto is from Shakespeare’s Hamlet: “There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.”

Stephanie Clark

Veterinary Nurse
Employee since 2/7/19

Computers, Cleaning, Gardening:


Nick Bean


Veterinarian and Practice Owner:


Dr. Jennifer Goetz

Owner, DVM
Owner since 9/25/18

Dr. Goetz bear-hugs Rosie while Celeste bear-hugs Blizzard!

Dr. Jennifer Goetz started working in the veterinary field in high school as a kennel technician and loved every minute of it. She has had a profound love of animals her whole life. Dr. Goetz lives in Pittsboro with her two humans, six dogs, and eight cats.

Her adopted fur babies include our amazing AHBC mascots: Typhoon, beloved 20-year-old clinic cat and regal leader, and honorary office manager, Rosie the wonderful Pekinese.



Haily Poppe

Employee since 1/8/20

We are excited to introduce Haily, an amazing groomer who joined our team on January 8th!

From a young age Haily knew that working with animals was her passion and would become her life-long career. After working in the veterinary profession for the last 10 years and assisting groomers during that time, she realized that grooming was her passion. Haily’s veterinary background gives her the experience to groom all breeds, sizes, ages and temperaments, as well as cats or dogs that have pain or serious medical illnesses. Haily graduated with her certification in Pet Grooming from the Animal Behavior College in Nov 2018. She lives by the Dog Groomers’ Promise, especially the last line.. “I will stand by the fact that comfort must come before vanity.” Your dog or cat will be comfortable with her and will always come and go with a smile on their face and a wagging tail!

Call to book any grooming appointments!!

More Help

Ray Perry Guthrie Jr.

Night Cleaner
Employee since 8/4/19

Kyle A Riley-Brown

Employee since 1/8/20

Marisa Bussey