Animal Hospital at Brier Creek is led by owner Dr. Jennifer Goetz, who opened our hometown family business in 2007.

AHBC is where pets are family. We go above and beyond to give each pet the highest level of care and compassion. Did you know AHBC was nominated by an amazing pet parent for the Pets Best Insurance 2018 “My Vet’s the Best” Contest? Get the details.

We invite you to learn more about our story. Read our Core Values. And meet our mascots!

Anna B.
Communications Manager

Anna loves books! And cats! Dogs are okay, too.

When Anna was born, in Greensboro, her parents had six cats…which now seems like a sign. Today she and her husband, Joshua, live in Durham with their beautiful feline family: Poindexter, Mortimer, Edith, Frances, Amelia, Seamus, Minerva, and Wynne.

She believes in Hemingway: “One cat just leads to another.” And the philosophy that “until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.”

Six of Anna’s kitty misfits were sent to her by the universe as AHBC rescues. Some were sick, some anxious: all quirky. Her  motto is: “Every special diet is worth it.” She enjoys feeding cats, chasing cats, snuggling cats, cleaning up after cats, adding to her impressive collection of cat magnets, and cats. The best day of the week at her house is claw-clipping day. She is her cats’ spirit animal.

Anna joined our team in June 2014 as a part-time assistant; after many years running her own content development and market research freelance firm from home, she needed to get out of the house and meet fellow animals lovers! She is still happy to spoil all AHBC pets, although her AHBC horizons have greatly and wonderfully expanded.

In 2018, Anna put her writing and digital marketing expertise to use for AHBC: leading a top-to-bottom, from-scratch overhaul of AHBC’s website. She also writes, creates, and manages our social media and outreach and engagement efforts, while continuing to freelance—happily composing away with a rotating circus of cats in her lap. Feel free to share your thoughts with her at

Anna earned a B.A. in Media Communication from the College of Charleston, with honors, and her master’s degree in Journalism at Columbia University. She previously worked as a reporter, writer, and editor in New York City and lived in Brooklyn for many years.

UP FRONT: Our Client Relations Specialist

Percy V.

Everyone knows and loves Percy!

Percy loves working at AHBC because he meets and supports pets and pet parents on a daily basis. His spirit animal is the engaging, affable, entertaining otter.

The ultimate people person, Percy is definitely AHBC’s “most popular”—cheerful, chatty, and beloved by everyone who walks through our door. His huge heart is a huge part of AHBC’s success.

Percy grew up in Iowa and Illinois as the youngest of three sisters and one brother. His passion and talent for interacting with people led him to a career in retail management.

When he learned of an opening at AHBC, Percy knew he could perfectly blend his love of people with his love of animals. He became an indispensable team member in December 2015.

The first love of Percy’s life was Sasha, a Siberian Husky who lived to be 13 years old. He lives in Wake Forest and co-parents Mickey, the incredible 3-pound Chihuahua, with his best friend. Ask Percy about Mickey, and watch the stories and tears flow. He is also happy to talk to you all day about your beloved fur babies—and he is so funny he keeps our pet parents, and us, in stitches.

Percy enjoys swimming, bowling…and eating. He may not cook, but he is an avid appreciator of food. His motto is to “live life to the fullest every day.”

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