ASSISTANTS: Our Pet Care Specialists

Anna B.

Anna loves books! And cats! Dogs are okay, too.

When Anna was born, in Greensboro, her parents had six cats…which now seems like a sign. Today she and her husband, Joshua, live in Durham with their beautiful feline family: Poindexter, Mortimer, Edith, Frances, Amelia, Seamus, Minerva, and Wynne.

She believes in Hemingway: “One cat just leads to another.” And the philosophy that “until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.”

Six of Anna’s kitty misfits were sent to her by the universe as AHBC rescues. Some were sick, some anxious: all quirky. Her  motto is: “Every special diet is worth it.” She enjoys feeding cats, chasing cats, snuggling cats, cleaning up after cats, adding to her impressive collection of cat magnets, and cats.

The best day of the week at her house is claw-clipping day. She is her cats’ spirit animal.

Anna joined AHBC in June 2014. She is always willing to snuggle, or wrestle, a feline patient—and happy to spoil all AHBC pets, even the canine ones.

Anna earned a B.A. in Media Communication from the College of Charleston, with honors, and her master’s degree in Journalism at Columbia University. She previously worked as a reporter, writer, and editor in New York City and lived in Brooklyn for many years. Anna manages this website, and runs her own content development and market research freelance firm—happily composing away with a rotating circus of cats in her lap.

Eric V.

Eric is one of Typhoon’s many besties.

Eric was born in Mesquite, Texas, and grew up with two older brothers and a host of Golden Retrievers. In 2013, he earned his B.S. in Sports Management from Campbell University. He lives in Raleigh with his dog, Bear.

Eric’s hobbies include bowling, passionately following the Chicago Cubs, tasting craft beer, and working with computers. After completing an esteemed boot camp in web development and coding, Eric took on the role of AHBC’s computer manager—he keeps all our equipment updated and running smoothly.

Eric is famous and beloved at AHBC for his kindness, dedication…and incredible queso dip. We simply cannot have a team potluck lunch without this dip. Once Eric was out of town, so Dr. Goetz and the team had to step up and make it. It reminded us happily of Eric…and was not nearly as good. He also taught us how to play “reverse charades,” and we’re still cracking up about how great we are at it.

A team member since December 2015, Eric comes to AHBC every day led by one mission: Help animals. His calm, steady presence makes him the rock of our team—you can always count on Eric. His spirit animals are the attentive, focused eagle and the classic Golden Retriever: loyal, loving, and honest.

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