ASSISTANTS: Our Pet Care Specialists

Eric V.

Eric is one of Typhoon’s many besties.

Eric was born in Mesquite, Texas, and grew up with two older brothers and a host of Golden Retrievers. In 2013, he earned his B.S. in Sports Management from Campbell University. He lives in Raleigh with his dog, Bear.

Eric’s hobbies include bowling, passionately following the Chicago Cubs, tasting craft beer, and working with computers. After completing an esteemed boot camp in web development and coding, Eric took on the role of AHBC’s computer manager—he keeps all our equipment updated and running smoothly.

Eric is famous and beloved at AHBC for his kindness, dedication…and incredible queso dip. We simply cannot have a team potluck lunch without this dip. Once Eric was out of town, so Dr. Goetz and the team had to step up and make it. It reminded us happily of Eric…and was not nearly as good. He also taught us how to play “reverse charades,” and we’re still cracking up about how great we are at it.

A team member since December 2015, Eric comes to AHBC every day led by one mission: Help animals. His calm, steady presence makes him the rock of our team—you can always count on Eric. His spirit animals are the attentive, focused eagle and the classic Golden Retriever: loyal, loving, and honest.

Christina B.

Bebe eagerly awaits her bestie, Christina.

Christina grew up in Cameron, North Carolina, with two dogs, Boo Boo Bear and ABC, a cat named Pirate Eyes, and a bunny called Blue. She knew she wanted to work in the vet field when she was 8 years old. She finished at the top of her animal science class in high school.

Before she joined AHBC in July 2018, Christina had only one day of experience volunteering at a vet hospital. She took to the work like a duck to water! Thorough, dedicated, responsible, meticulous, and thoughtful, Christina always puts patient care first and impresses the team with her commitment every day. She’s a soft-spoken leader who loves learning new things and embracing every challenge. As she picks up even more skills and knowledge, she continues to grow as a person and animal lover.

The best thing about working at AHBC for Christina is making animals feel better. She says, “It gives me a real sense of purpose and satisfaction.” When a little rescue cat came in with a broken jaw and arm after falling from a three-story balcony, Christina was instrumental in nursing her back to health. She worried every night if the cat would make it. That cat is now our second hospital cat, Bebe! And Bebe loves no one more than Christina.

Christina lives in Franklinton with her husband, his parents, and a cat named Rosy, who recently got her first check-up at AHBC. She likes to read and crochet, and plans to adopt as many cats as possible one day. Her spirit animal is the loyal, protective, intelligent wolf.

Gabrielle G.

Corona and Gabby are queen bees.

When Gabby was 5 years old, her mom bought her a toy veterinary kit. One day she saw a limping duck, so she used the tiny model syringe to squirt dissolved baby aspirin on a piece of bread to offer the injured bird. That was the day she started telling everyone she was going to be a veterinarian.

Gabby grew up in the Hudson Valley, about two hours north of New York City, with an American Eskimo named Sierra. She lived to be 14 years old, and Gabby still finds her fur in her clothes. Sierra was smart and sassy—proof dogs really do match their people.

Gabby’s spirit animal is the independent, adaptable octopus. After earning her pre-vet degree with a minor in biochemistry from the University of Massachusetts Amherst in May 2018, and armed with years of undergrad experience in both farm and small animal medicine, Gabby struck out for North Carolina to pursue her singular dream. Her plan is to establish residency and apply to the esteemed NCSU School of Veterinary Medicine, alma mater of our founder and owner, Dr. Goetz.

“Working at AHBC is incredibly rewarding,” Gabby says. Her favorite part is the passionate team that pushes her to greater heights. And she loves sending rescue animals to forever homes. Within weeks of joining AHBC in October 2018, Gabby adopted an AHBC rescue kitten, Bud, to play second fiddle to her alpha girl cat, Corona.

Gabby’s hobbies include hiking, drawing, playing piano, belly dancing, and cuddling her cats. Her life’s motto is from Shakespeare’s Hamlet: “There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.”

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