Everyone knows and loves Edith.

Animal Hospital at Brier Creek is not officially a boarding or kennel facility. We do provide boarding services for certain current pets, which means your pet has seen a vet in the past year for a wellness visit.

Boarding pets must be up to date on all core vaccinations in order to ensure the safety of every patient in our hospital. We can perform a wellness visit and update vaccinations after your pet is checked in for his or her boarding stay.

If you are interested in boarding and would like to learn more, call us at (919) 544-2226. For first-time boarders, we offer $5 off your pet’s first boarding stay.

Home Away from Home

It can be hard to leave your pet in someone else’s care. Our pet care specialists are experienced and dedicated. We take care of boarding pets like they were our own. If your cat needs some “stretch-her-legs” time with a jingle toy, we can arrange it. If your dog needs snuggling, he gets it.

We understand nothing matches the comforts of home—but we do our best. Our regular boarders actually have a happy time here, and we look forward to seeing them!

At AHBC, we practice the highest standards of care and cleanliness. All our boarding procedures are designed to keep your pet safe and comfortable.

Your Pet Is Special

That’s why we treat your pet like family!

Seamus always boards with his bunny.

Our Cat Ward and Dog Ward each has a large back window that lets in lots of natural light and overlooks a small stream and wooded area. Every “house” in our Cat Ward has a window perch for your kitty to watch birdies and sunbathe. From our Treatment area, we can see every house in both wards—which means team members are always looking out for your fur baby.

Your pet will always have a clean “house” with a soft bed or blanket. Three times a day, we freshen water, walk dogs, and check litter boxes (and clean them if necessary).

We use clean food and water bowls every morning. We use only metal bowls for dogs, to ensure they never chew on plastic. We give your pet his or her regular meals, at his or her regular meal times. We are happy to free-feed and give snacks.

We make sure your pet is eating and drinking, and peeing and pooping, regularly. We keep meticulous records of everything your pet does, and everything we do for your pet, during the stay.

When you check in for boarding, we ask you to bring your pet’s regular diet, as well as any treats, medications, or supplements. You may also bring favorite toys, or a shirt that smells like you!

AHBC Boarding Policies and Fees

Read our complete boarding policies. Please note there are a few exceptions. For instance, our weight limit for boarding dogs is 50 pounds, unless a pre-boarding trial is done by our team. Please call to set one up!.

In rare cases, a pet may be too fractious to handle or stressed to eat while boarding. While we will do everything we can to remedy the situation, we must be able to reach you (or a responsible contact you designate to make decisions) so you can make other arrangements. It is simply not safe or kind to board pets who are traumatically scared or will not eat.

Chin scratchies are free.

Boarding requires a reservation. Our boarding fees for cats are $10.70 per day and $10.70 per night. Boarding fees for dogs are $20.53 per day and $20.53 per night.

We break up our boarding fees into days (standard business hours, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.) and nights (5 p.m. to 9 a.m.) so you are only charged for exactly how long your pet stays with us. For instance, if you pick up your boarding pet before 9 a.m., your pet will have received his or her morning meal, attention, and/or walk, but you will not be charged for that day.

We recommend a trial day of boarding if your pet has never stayed away from home. We are happy to give you a tour of where your pet will be staying with us!