We Love Our Vet Nurses!

We heart vet nurses!

This week, always the third week of October, is Vet Nurse Appreciation Week! One of the reasons AHBC is such a special place is our vet nurses. Our nurses are amazing. They work extremely hard taking care of the AHBC family.

AHBC vet nurses do so much. They educate pet parents on wellness and the importance of prevention. They monitor surgery patients under anesthesia the entire time, and then gently help them recover. They fill medications, talk to pet parents about lab results, and always put patient care first.

Vet nurses are a big reason AHBC was just nominated for the Pets Best Insurance 2018 “My Vet’s the Best” Contest. Learn more!

What Being a Vet Nurse Means to Me

  • “Educating pet parents on the best possible care and seeing sick animals recover are the best parts of the job.” –Terese G., lead vet nurse
  • “Taking care of animals as if they were my own, and building a relationship with pet parents.” –Jennifer P.
  • “Working together as a team to help animals and teaching pet parents about the best care.” –Joni H.

Meet our vet nurses and get to know why they’re so special.

Our Vet Nurse Team

From right: trainee Sam W., Joni H., Jennifer P., and lead vet nurse Terese G.

Today at our weekly team meeting we had an ice cream social to celebrate our vet nurses! We like to bribe them sometimes with sugar.

Dr. Goetz and Dr. George gave each vet nurse a beautiful necklace: an outline of a heart and a paw print. The team made gift bags filled with candles, hand lotion, comfy socks, pens, Starbucks gift cards, and candy.

Vet nurses work long hours because they love what they do. They are called upon almost daily to deal with difficult situations, which they handle with compassion and grace. Vet nurses are the backbone and lifeblood of our hospital. Thank you for all you do for our AHBC family.

We have a strong, amazing team. Your pet is in good hands.

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