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We Want the Best for Your Pet

At AHBC we work diligently and tirelessly to practice the best medicine. Our pet parents demand, and deserve, the very best.

The field of veterinary medicine is stressful, demanding, and fast-paced. We chose it because we want to do everything possible to help pets live healthy, happy lives. Helping pets inspires us, drives us, and pushes us to be better every day.

The truth is: Veterinarians and their staff are not out to make money.

Every time we hear this—that we’re just trying to pad our pockets with a bunch of fancy blood tests or medications—it hurts. The truth is vets and veterinary professionals care deeply about what they do.

At AHBC, we get to work before the sun comes up and leave after dark. We work these long hours and on weekends because we care, not because we are greedy.

In fact, veterinarians and veterinary nurses are paid far less than human physicians and nurses with similar training. And vets frequently graduate from veterinary school $150,000 in debt.

We want to be your trusted ally in veterinary care. We recommend testing and prescribe medications when it is the best thing for the pet. We always have your pet’s interests at heart. We practice the best medicine not to make money but because we love what we do.