What Our Doctors Love Sets AHBC Apart

All veterinarians find certain aspects of practicing medicine that they especially enjoy, and that they do especially well. The doctors of Animal Hospital at Brier Creek are no exception.

Dr. Jennifer Goetz and Dr. Asha George enjoy treating all sorts of dogs and cats, of course! They also have special areas of expertise and interest. The things they love to do set AHBC apart.

A Love of Senior Care

Dr. Goetz and Dr. George love treating complex internal medicine cases, especially those more common in geriatric patients such as chronic kidney disease, thyroid disease, Cushing’s Disease, and congestive heart failure.

Our doctors love to collaborate on how to make both the quality and quantity of life as amazing as possible for our senior pets. Their dedication to working with pet parents to manage the health issues and behavioral changes that come with age, and to closely monitor senior disease processes, helps make that possible.

Dr. Goetz and Dr. George also spend a lot of time preventing and treating osteoarthritis in both dogs and cats through the balanced use of supplements, pain management, diet, exercise, and weight control. Every patient with arthritis is different—and deserves a plan tailored to his or her unique needs.

For more involved orthopedic or soft-tissue issues that require a trained specialist, AHBC partners with a board-certified surgeon who comes to our hospital and performs expert procedures in our sterile surgery suite.

Learn more about senior care at AHBC.

A Love of Preventative and Dental Care

Dr. Goetz and Dr. George are both strong advocates for preventative medicine and catching diseases early. Find out what preventative care is the key to wellness.

Our entire team is committed to discussing at-home care and the best standards of care for every stage of life. Patient care and education are two of our Core Values.

A major component of preventative medicine is routine dental care. Good dental care helps prevent and slow painful periodontal disease. Our team devotes extra time and energy to treating all stages of periodontal disease, including demonstrating teeth brushing and recommending good dental diets and chews. Dr. Goetz and Dr. George also perform oral surgery regularly to extract painful and diseased teeth. Every AHBC dental procedure comes with crucial full-mouth digital radiographs. Find out why dental radiographs are necessary.

A Love of Solving Behavioral Issues: Bringing Happiness Back

An animal with behavioral issues poses a challenge—a challenge we are committed to taking on together. Many frustrated pet parents feel helpless—we help them stick with it and find a solution.

Prevention and treatment of behavior problems is a primary focus of the AHBC team. We love to schedule hour-long consultations to discuss any behavior concerns you ever have with your pet. Learn more about our philosophy of learning to listen to your pet.

We see many different behavioral issues: from urinating outside the litter box to excessive barking to a debilitating fear of strangers or thunderstorms. We know how to help you manage these conditions at home.

We have educational handouts and resources available on every behavioral problem. We go through everything step by step and hand-in-hand with pet parents. We can also recommend calming supplements and medications, if that course of action will best ease your fur baby’s anxiety or fear.

Dr. Goetz is an authority on both canine and feline environmental enrichment, as well as desensitization and counter-conditioning therapy techniques. Nothing makes her prouder than helping an anxious dog or cat, and the concerned pet parents, succeed in conquering a behavioral issue. A happy pet is a healthier pet.

A Love of Short-Nose Dogs!

Dr. Goetz and Dr. George are both trained in treating Brachycephalic Syndrome. What is Brachycephalic Syndrome? The condition is defined by small nasal openings, called stenotic nares, and an elongated soft palate, which means the tissue on the roof of the mouth obstructs or even covers the opening to the windpipe.

Short-nose dog breeds—such as pugs, French bulldogs, Shih Tzus, Boston terriers, and English bulldogs—are prone to stenotic nares and enlongated soft palates. Brachycephalic Syndrome makes it very difficult to breathe.

Our doctors are authorities not only in recognizing and diagnosing this condition but also in permanently correcting it through surgery, giving those short-nose dogs a vastly improved quality of life.

Rosie, Dr. Goetz’s own dog and one of AHBC’s trusty mascots, suffered greatly from Brachycephalic Syndrome when Dr. Goetz first met her many years ago. Rosie could barely breathe, much less play. Dr. Goetz operated as soon as possible. Today Rosie is our professional greeter and runs happily around our hospital with ease!

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