Zoey Is September’s Pet of the Month!

Meet Zoey!

Zoey is an 8-year-old Snoodle we first met on Aug. 24. She had slipped and fallen off a bed and needed an exam and pain medication. We’re happy to report Zoey is fine and already back to her sweet, snuggly self.

Zoey only has three legs; she is missing her left front one. This disability certainly has not slowed her down! Zoey loves to hike and play in the leaves. She also loves to relax and cuddle.

How Zoey lost her leg is a wild story. Moments after Zoey was born, her mother was chewing off her umbilical cord and accidentally chewed right through the baby puppy’s leg.

Zoey’s mom had a friend who knew about a litter of puppies born on a farm and thought she would be the perfect puppy mama. The entire AHBC team could tell it was love at first sight for mom and Zoey, and the rest is history. Today the pampered pooch gets all the love and attention and spoiling she so clearly deserves. Welcome to the AHBC family Zoey! We love meeting new pets and their people.

Zoey Being Zoey

Zoey appreciates the great outdoors.

Zoey appreciates a good power nap.

Big smile Zoey!








Do you have a suggestion for Pet of the Month? We’d love to hear it! Do you want to join Zoey’s AHBC family? Request an appointment online or call us at (919) 544-2226.

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