We know this is a lot of information. AHBC pet parents demand, and deserve, the best. That’s why we offer this detailed description of our OATP.

Since you’ve read this far, thank you! You are an amazing pet parent.

Now We Are Ready to Assess, Treat, and Prevent Dental Disease

Jennifer scales and polishes each tooth.

Here is a step-by-step list of exactly what we do during an OATP…

  • Probe and chart all teeth: To check for pockets, infection, wear, the extent of periodontal disease, abscesses, fractures, and missing or diseased teeth.
  • Take digital radiographs of all teeth: In about half our dental patients, under anesthesia we find diseased teeth that must be treated or extracted. Dental radiographs are essential to good health—and our commitment to practice the best medicine. See our blog post for examples of painful dental problems revealed on radiographs.
  • Scale (scrape) all teeth with professional hand scalers both above and below the gum line to remove all plaque and calculus.
  • Polish all teeth both above and below the gum line to prevent periodontal disease from returning faster.
  • Apply Oravet Gel, a two-week sealant that prevents the immediate return of disease.

What Happens After All This?

Care continues! We follow the best post-operative protocols to ensure the safety and comfort of your pet. We call this “recovery time.”

After an OATP, your pet is gently woken up from anesthesia. We remove the trachea tube only after your pet is awake and has swallowed on his or her own twice. Then we immediately begin post-operative care.

Your pet is placed on a warming pad in his or her AHBC “house” in our Dog Ward or Cat Ward and covered with soft blankets. Every 30 minutes we take your pet’s temperature, since temperature naturally drops a bit under anesthesia. We also monitor your pet’s gum color and discomfort level.

Once your pet is fully awake, we remove the IV catheter.

How Will I Know Everything’s Okay?

From our Dog Ward and Cat Ward, we can see every patient—and keep a close eye. We sit with any pet who needs a little TLC. We administer extra pain medication if necessary. We walk any dog who signals a need to “go.” We talk to any cat who looks a little confused.

We will call you after your pet’s OATP to give you an update. We can also text you a picture of your fur baby in recovery.

When Can We Go Home?

We understand your pet cannot wait to see you, and vice versa! Thank you for letting us take care of your fur baby.

When we check in your pet for an OATP in the morning, we will set up a discharge time for late afternoon or early evening. When we discharge your pet, we will go over the OATP and make sure we have explained everything to your satisfaction.

We will also schedule a post-operative evaluation in two weeks. Every OATP includes a free check-up visit in 14 days to re-evaluate your pet’s teeth, stain for plaque, and discuss dental care at home. At-home dental care is a great way to prevent and slow periodontal disease.

The day after an OATP, we call you to make sure your pet is doing well at home. Care and compassion never stop at AHBC.