Liesl is March’s Pet of the Month!

Liesl’s smile lights the world!

Liesl is fairly new to the AHBC family, and she has already captured our hearts. Liesl is one of the sweetest, most good-natured pooches we’ve ever met! Mom says she is generally happy to be anywhere with her family, human and furry. She has a feline sister named Lady Amelia G. Fuzzbottom.

Liesl was born in a litter of 10. “We adopted her as a puppy from a family who posted her on Craigslist,” Mom says. She affectionately refers to Liesl as a “happy accident”—the surprise offspring of the family’s and the neighbor’s dogs. Her pet parents sure lucked out!

The 9-year-old Retriever mix and her pet parents moved to our beautiful area from Syracuse, New York, about six months ago. As we got to know Liesl last fall, we realized she might be suffering from the cognitive dysfunction that often develops naturally in senior pets. We put her on a special “brain” diet and a special medication for canine dementia that has proven effective by enhancing the effects of dopamine, a key neurotransmitter and feel-good hormone, in the brain.

Liesl has a history of arthritis, so her pet parents try to keep her somewhat quiet these days. When she was younger, her favorite pastimes were playing Frisbee and chasing bubbles. We love you Liesl! Thanks for being you.

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