On April 26, AHBC Was Robbed: A Statement from Dr. Goetz

Last Thursday morning, April 26, I was just leaving home for AHBC when I received a distressing phone call. Animal Hospital at Brier Creek, which I opened as a hometown family business in 2007, had been broken into overnight. A window was smashed, and the cash box was stolen.

We believe in “shopping small” to support local businesses. AHBC is what we are today because of the support and loyalty of our amazing pet parents. When someone steals from a small business like us, that person is stealing from an entire family.

On Thursday morning, we were rattled and upset. We powered through as a family—a family who spends more time together at AHBC than we spend with our own blood relatives.

I told the team to call 911. While I hurried to the hospital, everyone sprang into action: taking photos and being careful not to disturb anything. Everyone pitched in to help the police officers do their job and get us back to business.

The vet assistants cleaned up the shattered glass and debris while our vet nurses took care of patients. Our Client Relations Specialists fielded phone calls and explained the robbery to our concerned pet parents. One pet parent even brought in chocolate chip cookies to brighten our day.

My husband came in to check our security cameras. My brother-in-law, who works with Glass Doctors, replaced the broken window. Our practice manager, Ashley, gave up attending a continuing education lecture that would have helped us make our practice even better. She knew she had to be here, to stand with the AHBC family and help.

For lunch I ordered pizza for my hard-working, dedicated team. We sat and talked about how the robbery made us sad and scared, and about how much we love AHBC. Thankfully, when the break-in occurred, no team members were presentand no animals were affected or harmed in any way. We are so grateful AHBC is still in good working order.

We have received an outpouring of positive messages from our AHBC family. Thank you. AHBC is strong!

We do what we do at AHBC because we love it. We support each other, every day. For 11 years and counting, we have proudly served our pets and pet parents.

I just don’t see how anyone feels he or she has the right to do such a thing to a family. Maybe whoever stole from us has their own monsters to fight, their own devil inside, their own battle within. Maybe they saw our large, pretty building and assumed we have more than they do.

We are a family-owned-and-operated small business. It just isn’t right to steal from us. And it is not okay to make everyone who works so hard and so lovingly at AHBC feel so powerless and vulnerable.

I hope and pray whoever did this can one day see to make it right and—instead of causing pain, fear, and sorrow—do some good in the world.

–Dr. Jennifer Goetz
Owner, Animal Hospital at Brier Creek

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