Samantha Marie is February’s Pet of the Month!

Samantha Marie is a survivor. She was about six months old when she wandered into a large trauma center in Connecticut, at 3 o’clock in the morning, where her soon-to-be cat mom was working as a triage nurse. Since the facility didn’t treat pets, Mom put her back outside. But Samantha wasn’t having that.

“She immediately walked back in,” Mom remembers, “and wouldn’t leave my side. Samantha found me.” What could Mom do? She put the kitten under her desk with a warm blanket and a bit of turkey. She already had three dogs at home, but for Samantha Marie she made room.

Samantha has always been strong and resilient. She used to like to go outside, but one cold day in winter she went missing. Mother and son took her picture around the whole neighborhood but came up empty. Feeling helpless, Mom put her food out on the porch. Eventually Samantha showed up! She must have been in a fight; she was missing fur and had scratches and marks on her body. But she was tough, and found a way home to her family.

The notch on Samantha’s right ear is from an infection, probably the result of an insect bite. Nowadays Samantha spends all her time inside, snuggling Mom and hiding in special cuddly places. She especially loves sunning herself on the screened porch.

And Samantha is carrying on a family tradition! Mom has four sons and two male dogs; Samantha is her only girl. So she gave the kitten the middle name, Marie, of all the women in her immediate family.

The kitten who saved herself from the streets of Connecticut now lives the happy, healthy life every animal deserves. She is very attached to Mom, who can read her moods and understands what she’s trying to say.

Today Samantha Marie is 19 years old. She’s been part of the AHBC family since 2014 and is a regular boarding pet. Mom is one of our most loyal pet parents. She drives all the way from Wilmington to see us! We are honored to be your vet. We love taking care of Samantha Marie.

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