Senior feline plans are for cats ages 10 years and up. Over the course of one year, your Senior Feline Gold Wellness Plan includes…

Preventative Care

  • Preventative Care Exam with your veterinarian (two)
  • Veterinary Nurse Exam (one)


  • Rabies (one)
  • FVCRP (one)

Wellness Testing

  • Senior blood work panel with urinalysis and fecal test (one)
  • Blood pressure (one)
  • Intestinal parasite screen, also called a fecal test (one)


  • Nail trim

Dental Care

  • Dental cleaning for dental grades 1 or 2—does not include dental grades 3 or 4, and does not include extractions if needed*

*Your vet will determine your pet’s exact dental grade, or stage of periodontal disease, on his or her full physical exam. You must enroll your pet in the wellness plan at least 7 days prior to his or her dental cleaning.

Senior Feline Gold Plan value = $766.91

Cost to you: $51.12 per month for 12 months = $613.44

Savings: $154, or 20%