Rosie knows the importance of prevention. AHBC wellness plans help your pet get the best care.

We created our comprehensive wellness plans with you and your pet in mind. Each one includes all the essential preventative care services that keep your beloved dog and cat healthy and happy during every stage of life.

We offer six specific wellness plans each for dogs and cats…

Canine Plans: Puppy Gold and Puppy Silver; Canine Gold and Canine Silver; Senior Canine Gold and Senior Canine Silver

Feline Plans: Kitten Gold and Kitten Silver; Feline Gold and Feline Silver; Senior Feline Gold and Senior Feline Silver

Each plan includes biannual wellness visits, yearly blood work and lab tests, parasite screens, and core vaccinations tailored to your pet’s unique lifestyle.

Preventative care gives us the the best chance to prevent, detect, and manage illness. Early detection is also the key to reducing costly medical bills. Learn why prevention is the key to wellness.