Rosie knows the importance of prevention.

We created our comprehensive wellness plans with you and your pet in mind. Each one covers essential services that keep your fur baby healthy and happy during every stage of life.

AHBC wellness plans offer you peace of mind. They are simple, convenient, and affordable. Each plan covers a year’s worth of preventative care, broken into automatic monthly payments at a discounted rate. You may also pay the entire annual fee at once.

We offer six wellness plans each for dogs and cats. Each includes wellness visits, core vaccinations, blood work, and intestinal parasite screens. You can choose from two levels of care: “gold” or “silver.” Gold plans cover specific surgical and dental procedures; silver plans do not. Wellness plans do not cover sickness, injury, or treatment.

Wellness plans run for one year from the date of enrollment. They automatically renew after each 12-month period. As your pet ages, he or she will automatically graduate to the next age stage on the same level, gold or silver, you originally chose. For example: After 12 months, a puppy on the Puppy Gold Wellness Plan will be transferred to the Canine Adult Gold Wellness Plan.

We are happy to help you decide which plan best suits your pet’s needs! Click on each plan below to see exactly what it covers and how much it costs.

Canine Wellness Plans

Feline Wellness Plans

Each wellness plan requires a one-time initial enrollment fee of $50. Wellness plans are not the same as pet insurance. Please give us 30 days notice to cancel your plan.

Preventative care gives us the the best chance to prevent, detect, and manage illness. Early detection is also the key to reducing costly medical bills. Learn why prevention is the key to wellness.