VET NURSES: Committed to the Best Care

Terese G.

Terese happily hugs our mascot Rosie!

Terese was born and reared in Lincoln Park, New Jersey. She grew up with a Dachshund named Rocky and a cat named Mittens, plus a few special goldfish. Her spirit animal is the steadfast, stately lion.

Terese is caring, calm, quick with a smile—and the first person we go to when we bring our animals in for care. She’s a gentle leader who knows us, our pets, and our pet parents inside and out.

Terese moved to Raleigh to attend college and graduated from North Carolina State University with a degree in Animal Science, Class of 2017. She joined AHBC as an assistant in July 2016 and later moved into vet nursing.

Terese happily pet-sits for Dr. Goetz and her AHBC friends. She loves watching Netflix, reading, and spending time with her family, human and furry. Her favorite thing about working at AHBC is seeing sick animals recover. She also loves educating pet parents on the best possible care to meet their fur baby’s unique needs.

Joni H.

Joni and Rocky were made for each other.

Joni is our “mama bear”: always stocking the fridge with yogurt, oatmeal, and mac-and-cheese. Her spirit animal is the confident, nurturing elephant.

Joni joined us in May 2017. Her favorite thing about AHBC is the spirit of cooperation and dedication. She believes work is better when you look forward to it!

Joni grew up in Stovall, North Carolina, with a Rottweiler named Sally, a Basset Hound/Blue Tick mix named Mini-Me, and seven sisters—including her twin, Leslie Jo. Joni originally trained in people nursing at Vance Granville Community College before she discovered animal nursing is where it’s at.

Joni previously worked for a mobile vet clinic and as an Animal Control Officer in Franklin County. She lives in Henderson with her husband, four children, and dogs Allie, Rocky, Rosalee, Loki, Xena, and Kimbo. Kimbo is a famous AHBC rescue. With round-the-clock care we saved him from Parvo virus—it was love at first sight for Joni and Kimbo.

Joni also has two cats, Farrah and George, and she still looks after lots of neighborhood strays. She enjoys reading Nora Roberts’ romance books, and her all-time favorite book series is Harry Potter.

Joni’s motto is: “Sometimes you have to fall before you fly,” which is tattooed on her leg. She easily holds the AHBC record for most tattoos (16 and counting)—many of them names of her beloved pets.

Jennifer P.

Jennifer and Finley love the view at Hanging Rock.

Jennifer has a soft spot in her heart for scruffy dogs. She grew up on the North Carolina coast with Miniature Schnauzers, as well as rabbits, birds, and fish. Today her home in Raleigh is a small, happy zoo—her parrotlet, Egyptian spiny mouse, Chilean rose hair tarantula, Madagascar hissing cockroach, and tropical fish—all watched over by her “son,” a 7-year-old Irish Terrier named Finley.

Jennifer’s motto is: “Time spent with animals is added to your life.” In addition to tending her menagerie, she enjoys kayaking, hiking, yoga, and cooking. Her spirit animal is the curious, determined, quick-witted raven.

As a child, Jennifer read every book she could about animals. In middle school, she started pet-sitting for her neighbors. In high school, she started working with livestock. In college, she worked on a hog farm. Jennifer is a former livestock agent for the state of N.C., and has experience in both small animal and exotic animal medicine.

Jennifer earned her B.S. from NC State in Animal Science with minors in Agricultural Business Management and Extension Education. She is currently working toward an MBA online from Texas A&M Corpus Christi.

A team member since October 2017, Jennifer believes the best thing about AHBC is how well we work together. Every single person here genuinely sees pets as family. Every time an emergency comes in, we rally together to do everything we can to help.

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